What are some natural treatments for cough in cats?


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Natural treatments for cat coughs include Echinacea purpurea, Bryonia, Plantago lanceolata, magnesium phosphate and kalium sulphate. Ferrum phospate is another natural treatment option, says VetInfo.

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Echinacea purpurea speeds recovery from cough-inducing ailments by strengthening the cat's immune system. Bryonia clears the cat's chest and relieves sore throat. Plantago lanceolata treats congestion in the nose and chest and also soothes the cat's throat. Magnesium phosphate soothes irritated throats and lungs. Kalium sulphate boosts the cat's respiratory system, and ferrum phosphate supports cell wall strength and boosts the cat's immune system, says VetInfo.

Cat owners should consult a veterinarian if there is something lodged in the cat's throat or if the cough persists for over 24 hours, advises VetInfo.

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