How Does a Natural Dog Diarrhea Treatment Work?


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A natural diarrhea treatment for dogs is white rice balls and rice water, according to veterinarian Robert J. Silver at The Bark. Active probiotic cultures should be added to the rice balls to help firm the stool. A rice-and-water fast allows the dog's gastrointestinal tract to recover.

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Rice water is produced when boiling good-quality white rice in water, states Silver. The water should turn a creamy white color. Once cooled, it should be served to the dog mixed with chicken-flavored baby food to increase the palatability, if necessary. Brown rice and minute rice should never be used for this remedy; brown rice contains too much fiber, while minute rice is of poor quality and lacks the necessary nutrients.

If probiotic cultures are not available, Silver suggests purchasing yogurt that contains active cultures. However, the high-potency cultures available in health-food stores are usually more effective at treating diarrhea.

Once the diarrhea is over, the dog should be put on a diet of white rice and baby food to avoid upsetting the stomach and provide the necessary protein, writes Silver. Probiotics can still be added to the rice.

However, some cases of canine diarrhea cannot be treated at home. Silver cautions that bloody stool, vomiting, lethargy and abdominal pain are all warning signs that a pet must be taken to a veterinarian for further care.

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