Why Was Natural Balance Dog Food Recalled?

Why Was Natural Balance Dog Food Recalled?

Natural Balance Pet Foods issued a recall of multiple dog food products in 2012 due to possible salmonella contamination. In 2007, the company had multiple dog food recalls due to melamine contamination and a possible connection to a botulism outbreak.

The 2012 recall was a precautionary measure. No products in the recall tested positive for salmonella, and there were no reported animal illnesses.

In 2007, the first recall occurred on April 16th after consumers complained to Natural Balance that their pets vomited and in some cases, experienced kidney failure after eating the company's pet foods that contained venison. Tests showed that the products contained trace amounts of melamine. A second recall was issued on April 27th for the same issue, and Natural Balance claimed that the manufacturer added the ingredient containing melamine without the company's knowledge. Other pet food companies had similar issues at this time.

The third recall that year occurred in July due to the possible connection to a botulism outbreak. Natural Balance had no reported animal illnesses.

After the 2007 recalls, Natural Balance invested in a laboratory to test for nine known contaminants. Its testing protocols have earned approvals from several organizations, including the Food Safety and Inspection Service as well as the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.