What Are the Names of a Few Species of Antelope?

A few species of antelope include the eland, the kudu, the sable and the royal antelope. Most of the 91 species of antelope are native to Africa.

The eland is the largest antelope species, with males measuring up to 70 inches at the shoulder and weighing more than 2,000 pounds. The two kudu species of antelopes, the lesser kudu and greater kudu, are the second largest antelopes. Male kudus are known for their long, spiral horns. Female kudus are hornless and smaller than the males.

The sable is a large antelope species with razor-sharp horns and distinctive black and white markings on the head. Male sables are darker in color than females. The royal antelope is the smallest species of antelope, measuring less than 10 inches at the shoulder and weighing just over 3 pounds.