What Are Some Names for a Sheltie Dog?


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Dogs, such as shelties, are often named after a personality trait the dog displays or a feeling the dog evokes, such as Hope, or the name may be inspired by the color of its fur, eyes or other physical traits, such as Spot. Other names may be inspired by where or when the dog was born like June or Dakota. A dog's name is also often inspired by the dog's physical or personality traits.

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Some names for a sheltie dog inspired by personality traits are Princess, Blaze and Lady. Physical trait-inspired names include Blue, Wooly, Rusty, Tawny, Ginger and Satin. Names inspired by a location are Cody, Sydney, Raine and Misty. Other popular names include classic dog names, such as Shep. In order to find the perfect name for a sheltie dog, owners can get to know the puppy and base its name on what fits the dog.

There are many websites, such as PetPlace.com, that have lists of dog names from the most common to the most unusual or funny names. Owners can search for dog names and choose one as unique as their pet. These sites often list pet names under certain categories like cool, unusual and classic names. Many of these websites will also provide information about the most common dog names for males and females, along with their meanings.

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