What Are Some Names for Orange Kittens?

names-orange-kittens Credit: Brandon Daniel/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

According to PetPlace, fun names for orange kittens include Auburn, Autumn, Apricat, Buttercup, Cheddar, Dandelion, Garfield and Flame. Naming animals is sometimes difficult, and that is often why pet owners name their animals after their physical characteristics.

According to About, the color of a cat often influences his personality and behavior. Studies show that genetics influence the pattern, length and color of a kitten's coat. However, scientists believe that these same genes also influence a cat's personality. This is because some pigments in a cat's hair are produced in much the same way as brain neurotransmitters, such as dopamine. Although scientists haven't linked which colors affect which personalities, they do know that black cats and orange cats have different personalities as a result of having varying amounts of certain biochemicals.

About states that a study on the coloring of cats suggests that those with a red tint in their fur are more likely to struggle to escape for a longer period of time than cats with different colored fur. This study was conducted on 84 British red, short-hair cats. Although more research is needed on this subject, scientists believe that the color of a cat becomes very important when his owners pick him to join their existing cat family. Finding a breed of cat that is more friendly toward other cats is as easy as spotting a certain color.