What Are Some Names for Girl Puppies?


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According to Pawnation, some of the most popular names for girl puppies as of 2013 were: Bella, Lucy, Bailey and Daisy. Some other names include: Lily, Molly, Lola, Maggie, Sadie and Chloe.

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What Are Some Names for Girl Puppies?
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Assigning names, traits and certain behaviors to dogs can have an affect on their overall behavior as well as how others view them. Pawnation cites a study conducted by Dr. Stanley Coren that shows how people perceive a dog's behavior based on the name it's given. In the study, Dr. Coren asked 291 university students to determine a dog's personality based on the behavior it displayed. He then issued a booklet to the students that contained images of the same dog. In half of the booklets he gave the dog an aggressive name, such as Killer or Ripper. In the other half he gave the dog a friendly, nonthreatening name, such as Champ or Buddy.

The participants in the study were then shown a video of the dog interacting with a man. In the video, the dog jumps up and places its paws on the man's shoulders in a playful manner. The man in the video pushes the dog off of him and runs away. After watching the video the students were given a list of adjectives to choose from to describe the dog they saw. The participants that had been told that the dog had an aggressive name were three times more likely to describe the dog's behavior as hostile.

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