What Are the Names of Some Flatfish?

Types of flatfish include the arrowtooth flounder, curlfin sole and Pacific halibut. The arrowtooth flounder is a right-eyed species that ranges from grayish brown to olive brown tones and reaches more than 30 inches in length. The curlfin sole, which is also a right-eyed flounder, grows up to 15 inches.

The Pacific halibut, which is usually right-eyed, lives in the Bering Sea, Sea of Japan and Gulf of Anadyr. It grows up to 105 inches in length and may weigh 500 pounds or more. Most commercial catches range between 30 and 40 pounds, however. In the summer, Pacific halibut reside in shallower waters, typically between 90 feet and 900 feet. Their maximum depth is around 3,600 feet.