What Are Some Names for a Female Yorkie Puppy?


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Some popular names for female Yorkie puppies include Angel, Bling, Cookie, Daisy-Doo and Harley. Other names, such as Jewel, Misty, Muffin, Petunia and Tootles, are also common. YorkieInfoCenter.com provides a list of suitable names for males and females organized alphabetically. These names have been submitted by Yorkie owners.

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What Are Some Names for a Female Yorkie Puppy?
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AllAboutYorkshireTerriers.com has a list of names for female Yorkies that includes Bridget, Boo, Diva, Gigi and Jasmine. Also listed are the names Mink, Pookie, Tiara and Zoe. At PuppyNamesPlus.com, each Yorkie name has a description of its meaning, origin and the type of puppy personality for which is it most suited. Some names on this site include Bluebell, Francesca, Lilac, Precious and Rainbow.

In addition to providing names, YorkieInfoCenter.com dispels common myths about Yorkshire terrier temperaments. While it is commonly believed that female Yorkies are more affectionate and sweeter than males, this is untrue according to the Yorkie Info Center. Both sexes are attached to their owners, affectionate and attention-craving. Another common myth is that females are easier to train. The Yorkie Info Center notes that successful training is not related to the dog’s gender, but does require patience, effort and time. The site recommends spaying and neutering to stop behavioral problems related to gender such as territorial marking.

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