What Are Some Names for Female Poodles?

names-female-poodles Credit: ruthrose/E+/Getty Images

PetMD lists several good names for female poodles of the three typical sizes. Names for standard poodles include: Angel, Beauty, Brie, Claudia, Coco, Felina, Izzy, Lexi, Lucy, Lydia, Macie, Minka, Molly, Murphy, Onyx, Precious, Shadow, Shadow Noir and Tucker.

PetMD also lists many good names for female miniature poodles. These names include: Annie, Babygirl, Chocolate, Coty, Georgia, Honey, Joey, Lady, Layla, Laylah, Lilo, Lucy, Mattie, Max, Meme, Miley, Misty, Munchy, Olive, Pearl, Rosie, Sgettie, Sgettie Millar, Snowball, Twiggles, and Violet Victoria Eugenie.

Also listed by PetMD are good female names for toy poodles. These names include: Ash, Bailey, Bella, Bianca, Calico, Canela, Chaleah, Chocolate, Cobi, Daisy, Holly, Hope, Jasmine, Lady, Lola, Max, Mimis Angel Baby, Mugi, Osita, Paris, Pheobe, Precios, Rosie, Taffy, Tobie, Xena and Zoe.

In addition, Dogs and Dog Advice provides a list of poodle names. Some female poodle names included in this list are: Ada, Alice, Amore, Anna, Annabelle, Armani, Astra, Beebee, Bella, Bon Bon, Candence, Carol, Claire, Cleo, Curly, Daisy, Deb, Ellie, Espresso, Farrah, Goldie, Gypsy, Helena, Isabelle, Jackie, Jewel, Josephine, Juliette, Latte, Layla, Loulou, Lucy, Margot, Mirabella, Natalie, Nicole, Nina, Pamela, Paula, Penelope, Pooch, Queen, Rose, Sarah, Serena, Sonya, Sophie, Starla, Stella, Terra, Zala, Zaria and Zoe.