What Are the Names of the Chihuahuas in "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"?

The Chihuahuas in "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" are Chloe and Papi. Drew Barrymore voices Chloe, and a white Chihuahua named Angel stars in the screenplay. George Lopez is responsible for the voice of Papi, and Rusco is the dog audiences see onscreen. The film and its sequels are Disney productions.

Chloe, a pampered, diamond-draped Chihuahua, is the pet of Vivian Ashe, who lives in a luxurious home in Beverly Hills. Papi belongs to Vivian's gardener, Sam, and he has a crush on Chloe. Vivian leaves on a business trip and her niece Rachel agrees to pet-sit Chloe. While her aunt is away, Rachel and her friends go to Mexico, taking Chloe, who is then dog-napped. In the ensuing action, Chloe's rescue acts as a catalyst to her falling in love with Papi while Rachel falls in love with Sam, and Aunt Vivian must accept both relationships.

Critics gave the film mixed reviews. Wikipedia reports the Los Angeles Times review of the movie stating that the movie stereotyped Mexico as a land of posh resorts and street-level poverty, while the San Francisco Chronicle gave it a more positive review due to its themes of empowerment. Commercially, the film was a success, grossing over $29 million in its first weekend in theaters, which lead Disney to produce its two direct-to-video sequels.