What Are Some Names for a Black Female Dog?

PetMD lists several popular names for female dogs with black fur. Shadow is one of the most popular names on the list and stands out as a good choice for a faithful dog that likes to be as close to its human family as possible. Blackberry is another typically feminine name that's suited for dogs with black fur; it's a cute name for smaller dogs.

PetPlace.com has a list of names for black dogs that doesn't take gender or popularity into account. Midnight, Pepper and Ebony are three common names that made the list and suit most dogs regardless of personality, which is an important factor to take into account. A name that sounds too sweet or too intimidating may not suit a dog in the long run even if it matches the dog's appearance.

The New York Times also has some advice on choosing a name for a dog. An animal behaviorist named Laura Waddell suggests names with hard consonants, explaining that these sharp-sounding names are easier for dogs to respond to quickly. Softer syllables sound muddled to dogs. A sharp name such as Pepper or Midnight makes a better choice than a soft name such as Shadow or Ebony.