What Are the Names of Some Animals That Start With the Letter W?


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Animals whose names start with the letter W include wolves and wallabies. The water moccasin, a venomous snake found in the southeast United States, also has a name that starts with W. White-bellied sea eagles, wildebeests, wolf spiders and woodpeckers are other examples.

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Found throughout North America, wolves belong to the dog family. They are carnivores that feed on animals such as deer and moose, hunting in packs to bring down these large animals. One wolf can consume up to 20 pounds of meat in a single meal. There are two main types of wolves: gray wolves, which are the most common, and red wolves, which are only seen in the southeast United States.

Wallabies are native to Australia and are in the same family as kangaroos. Like kangaroos, they have long back legs and carry their young in pouches. Wallabies are herbivores and mostly feed on grass, vegetables and leaves.

Water moccasins, also known as cottonmouths, are large snakes that can reach up to 48 inches long when mature. Their colors vary, with some snakes showing yellow streaks on predominantly brown scales and others being plain brown. Water moccasins are common in swamps and floodplains. They typically feed on fish and amphibians and are most active after dark when the weather is warm.

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