How Do You Name a Dog for AKC Registration?


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To name a dog for American Kennel Club registration, you need to have a registration number for the dog, a registration PIN, the names and addresses of the owners, and a valid AKC dog name. All of this information can be submitted online, using the AKC website's registration form.

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American Kennel Club rules for registering a dog's name stipulate that it must be no longer than 50 characters, including spaces or hyphens. Names that are over 36 characters long incur a one-time fee. Valid names only use letters in the English alphabet. Diacritical marks are allowed, but are not printed on the dog's certificate. Multiple dogs can share the same name, but only if 36 or fewer dogs of the same breed use it.

The AKC also bans certain words from official dog names. For example, "Champ" cannot be used in a name; neither can other words used as show titles or jargon, such as "sieger." Slurs and obscenities are not allowed either. Although digits and numbers that are spelled out are allowed, Roman numerals are not.

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