What Is the Name for a Baby Ferret?


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According to ZooBorns, a baby ferret is called a "kit." Other animals whose young are called kits or kittens include bearcats, bobcats, cats, foxes, honey badgers, mice, muskrats, rabbits, rats, servals, skunks, squirrels, weasels and woodchucks.

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What Is the Name for a Baby Ferret?
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Ferrets are a type of weasel and are closely related to polecats. Baby ferrets are born in litters of about 6 to 10, and are blind and deaf at birth. They are initially born without teeth, but typically have their first teeth by 10 days old. Ferrets are popular as pets in the United States, but they are illegal in many states and on military bases because they can cause injuries to humans.

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