How Much Does a Yorkie-Poo Weigh?

An adult Yorkie-Poo generally weighs between 3 and 14 pounds, but various factors affect the final figure. Yorkie-Poo breeders do not yet have a breed weight standard they must follow, and the size of an adult offspring correlates with the size of the poodle used to breed it.

A Yorkie-Poo is the offspring of a Yorkshire terrier and a poodle. The resulting animal’s size varies based on factors that include the size and health of the parents. Because the breed is fairly young, strict guidelines for breeding are not yet established. Further complicating matters, some Yorkie-Poos are not direct descendants of the parent breeds, but instead result from litters from other mixed-breed animals. These factors make it difficult to predict a Yorkie-Poo’s adult weight.