How Much Do Stingrays Weigh?

much-stingrays-weigh Credit: Daniela Dirscherl/WaterFrame/Getty Images

There is a wide variety of stingray species, with some stingrays weighing only a pound and others weighing as much as 790 pounds. Stingrays come in various shapes, with some more circular and others more triangular. They can grow up to 7 feet long.

Stingrays are common in shallow areas of temperate seas. They have flattened bodies that allow them to partially bury themselves in sand. This helps camouflage them from predators, such as sharks or larger stingrays.

Stingrays get their name because most species have venomous stingers that are used for self-defense. This stinger may be as long as 14 inches. Encounters with humans usually occur when someone accidentally steps on a stingray. Such an encounter is rarely life-threatening, though fatal stings have happened.