How Much Does a Shorkie Puppy Cost?

Shorkie breeders charge anywhere between $350 and $1500 for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks of age, as of 2015. Alternatively, some owners offer older puppies for as little as $100.

Shorkie puppies are a cross breed, still in the developmental stage, and the result of Shih-Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier parentage. Some owners need to find new homes for shorkies due to unforseen circumstances, and they generally charge less than professional breeders.

To purchase a puppy from a professional breeder, a prospective owner can expect to pay more as the breeder will want to ensure the puppy is going to a serious buyer. Prospective buyers can expect to pay more for female puppies due to their potential capacity to bear puppies. It is recommended that shorkie puppies are seen with both mother and father before purchase.