How Much Do Purebred Rat Terrier Puppies Typically Cost?

As of 2015, the average cost of a rat terrier puppy is about $400, according to PetStew. The cost of a purebred puppy varies according to the breeder, pet store or other source a buyer may use.

There may be price differences depending on the sex of the puppy, whether its parents have champion show titles, and whether the puppy has been bred to show or to be raised as a family pet.

When purchasing a puppy, there may be breeder red flags that include puppies that are available at all times, multiple litters on the premises, unhealthy living environments or the ability to use a credit card to pay online. Reputable breeders deworm their puppies and have them checked by a veterinarian. They also stress early socialization and raise puppy litters in a clean, healthy environment.