How Much Does a Newborn Panda Weigh?

much-newborn-panda-weigh Credit: Hanquan Chen/E+/Getty Images

Newborn panda cubs typically weigh only 1/900th of its mother's weight, which is about .2 pounds, making the panda cub the smallest placental mammal baby on earth in proportion to the animal's adult size. When they are born, panda cubs are pink and almost entirely hairless, and their eyes are not yet open, meaning that they look quite different from the iconic black and white, furry animal they turn into as they age. After about a week, these tiny babies begin to develop black patches on their skin, and they begin growing black hairs at two weeks old.

Panda development proceeds rapidly, and by 3 weeks old, these cubs have opened their eyes and grown significantly. They will typically weigh more than 10 pounds after being alive for just 3 months, and their ability to walk and hear will be more developed. After 5 months, the panda cubs will be fluffy and able to walk at a trotting pace and climb trees. The 5-month-old panda cub will mimic and follow its mother, watching and copying as she eats bamboo. This is the stage where the panda starts showing some independence, and it can sit alone for hours at a time.