How Much Do Leopards Eat in a Day?

much-leopards-eat-day Credit: Tee La Rosa/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

The amount of food leopards eat in a day varies. Typically, leopards prey on fish, reptiles, crabs, carcasses, rodents, insects, hares, baboons, warthogs and antelopes.

Once leopards kill their prey, they take the carcasses and climb up trees to hide from hyenas and lions. They like to hunt at night and kill their prey as quickly as possible, usually with a bite to the neck. Leopards have retractable claws that trap the prey. Leopards are smaller in size compared to many of the other big cats such as tigers, lions and jaguars. They are known for easily adapting to different environments, making them the most geographically widespread of the big cats, according to the BBC.