How Much Does a Kitten Cost to Own?


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A kitten may not cost anything to own initially if picked up for free or may be expensive if purchased from a breeder; however, all kittens require food, litter, bedding, toys and health care. The exact cost is not known and varies with the kitten's health condition as well as the amount of money that the owner wants to put into the kitten's bedding and toys.

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The Humane Society warns that many times free kittens have not had any veterinary check-ups and do not have their vaccinations. They may also have serious health conditions. It is always best to ask about the kitten's health before bringing it home. It is also important to remember that even if the owner does not go through a breeder and chooses a less expensive rescue group or animal shelter, the kitten will need lifelong care. The prospective kitten owner will need to factor in a commitment of many years of food, health care and other expenses such as toys and litter box needs.

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