How Much Do You Feed an English Mastiff Puppy?

English Mastiff puppies around two months old only need approximately three or four cups of food per day, while older puppies, those around nine months old, require as much as 11 cups of dog food daily. The English Mastiff's diet should include a lot of fiber and ingredients such as beef, barley, rye, potato or oats.

According to Animal World, English Mastiffs are prone to bloating. Therefore, it is recommended to feed puppies and adults several small meals instead of one large meal. Likewise, young puppies need their kibble mixed with water so that it expands in the bowl instead of their stomachs.

While Mastiffs do eat a lot, it is not wise to overfeed them or give them table scraps. The Mastiff Club recommends giving puppies a restricted amount of cheese or dried liver as an occasional treat. Food should always be measured to avoid overfeeding.

According to Dog Time, the proper amount of food for English Mastiffs also depends on the activity level of the puppy. A more active puppy requires more food, though English Mastiffs are mellow dogs in general. Likewise, the quality of dog food determines how much needs to be used. Higher-quality dog foods include more protein and fiber and fewer fillers, so puppies get full faster.