How Much Does It Cost If You Leave Your Dog at Doggy Daycare?

much-cost-leave-dog-doggy-daycare Credit: John W Banagan/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

The cost for doggy daycare varies from $8 to $35 a day depending on the type of facility, according to as of 2014. The choice between a private, in-home daycare setting or a commercial one is best determined by the dog's personality and temperament.

Privately owned in-home daycare is often a less expensive option. The number of dogs allowed per day is restricted, so individual dogs receive more one-on-one attention in a home environment, which is especially important if the pet is shy or unaccustomed to many playmates. Social dogs do well in fully-staffed commercial facilities where opportunities abound for friendly, supervised play. Many of these facilities use an on-call veterinarian for any emergencies that arise during the day.