How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Dog License Online?

As of 2015, a dog license for an ordinary spayed and neutered dog with proper vaccinations costs $20 in Houston, $8.50 in New York City and $27 in parts of Orange County, California. Dog license costs vary primarily by location, not by the method the license is applied for.

Dog licenses in the United States are regulated at the state and local levels. The cost of buying a dog license is usually not affected by whether the application and fee are submitted online, in person or by mail. However, the cost does vary widely from one city or county to the next. Costs also vary within a single location based upon the status of the dog.

Fees can be reduced under some circumstances. For example, if the person applying for the license is a senior, Orange County will allow them to pay $13.50 rather than $27 for licensing a neutered dog. On the other hand, late fees, not neutering the dog and other factors can inflate the price. In Houston, a dog designated dangerous costs more to license than an ordinary dog and also requires liability insurance.