How Much Does a Calf Cost?

much-calf-cost Credit: Andrew Mckay/Moment/Getty Images

The cost of a calf, which is the offspring of an adult cow, can vary depending on the breed. As of 2014, a Jersey bull calf, one month old, can be purchased for around $140. A Guernsey bull calf, 3 months of age, is about $150.

A calf that has a wider price range is the Jersey heifer calf, which spans in price from $70 to $120.

In some cases, farmers sell calves at a per-pound rate. Prices range from 75 cents per pound to twice that amount. The pricing is contingent on the geographical area, market conditions and the breed of the cow.

Besides the cost of the calf, the amount of money it takes to feed the animal must be considered. Because calves eat hay and grains, hay or muesli are the typical foods that should be priced. Usually, a bale of hay costs around $15. Beef pellets are given to calves for feeding purposes as well.

Paperwork that comes with the calf includes the animal's vaccinations and date of birth. Use a seller that offers discounts for bulk orders if you plan to buy a large quantity of calves.