How Much Do Box Turtles Generally Cost?


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Common or Three Toed box turtles generally cost around $25 to $50. More exotic species such as Asian turtles can cost as much as several thousand dollars each, as of 2015. The best way to purchase a box turtle is through a breeder.

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How Much Do Box Turtles Generally Cost?
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Most pet stores sell wild caught turtles and should be avoided. The pet trade and loss of habitat have both taken a toll on box turtle numbers, with populations on the decline.

Box turtles can be housed indoors or outside in large enclosures that provide them with adequate room. They require exposure to sun or artificial light in order to stay healthy. An outdoor setup that includes a small pond of water that is deep enough for swimming, weeds, some sun and shade, and protection from predators is ideal.

It is important to provide box turtles with a suitable diet that includes invertebrates such as insects and worms, as well as a variety of vegetable matter, fruits and berries. Box turtles do not make good pets for children. They are docile and shy and do not like frequent handling.

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