How Do You Find Mountain Cur Puppies for Sale?


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Mountain Cur puppies are available for sale on websites such as PuppyFind.com and Hoobly Classifieds. They are also available directly from local breeders. An example of a local breeder is Missouri Ozarks Original Mountain Curs.

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Mountain Curs are famous for their hunting and treeing abilities, as well as being great family dogs and guard dogs. They tend to hunt squirrels and raccoons. Traits include decisiveness, courage, silence in hunting, a desire to please and a high activity level.

The breed has a heavy coat with a fine undercoat and requires little grooming. Its fur comes in yellow, brindle, black or blue, either with or without white markings. Some breeders train lines specifically for treeing, while others focus on their baying ability. In daily life the dog is physically demanding and hard working. For these reasons the Mountain Cur is popular in rural areas such as the Appalachian Mountains and the Wilderness Trail.

Mountain Curs originate from Europe. They were the pioneer dogs of the Southern Mountains and a necessity for the frontier family on the Eastern coast of America. The word "cur" refers to treeing hounds. They not only protected property and farmland but guard the family against wild animals.

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