How do you mount deer skulls?


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Mounting a deer skull requires several pieces of equipment: • Fish hook pliers • A large enough pot to boil the skull • Plastic wrap • Baking soda • Electrical tape • Salon Care Quick White & 40-proof peroxide • Small brush • Paint • Ceramic heater The actual steps involved in the process are essentially cleaning, de-greasing and bleaching the skull.

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Cleaning involves removing the hair and hide from the skull and the base of the antlers and then removing the eyes, tongue, vertebrae, and all the meat. The brain needs to be removed with a hooked wire. The base of the antlers should then be covered with plastic wrap and electrical tape.

De-greasing removes the oils in the bones. If this step is missed, the skull might turn yellow over time. Gently simmer the skull in hot water with some added baking soda for a few hours so that any remaining meat or skin is removed completely. Then place the skull in a tub of warm soapy water and scrub it to clean all the crevices. An air hose can also be used. Take time and be patient during this step so that all of the grease is removed.

Heat the skull in the ceramic heater to ensure that it is completely dry. Mix the bleaching agents, and use them all over the skull to ensure that it is white and not yellow. Wrap the skull in plastic wrap so that it does not dry too quickly. After a reasonably long period of time, remove the wrap and clean the skull with hot water. The final step is to let dry for couple of days.

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