How Do You Mount Deer Antlers?


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Mount deer antlers using plaques, hangers and braided rope from a taxidermist or sporting goods store, advises Outdoor Life. Prepare a drill, wire brushes, Clorox bleach, borax, drill bits, glue gun, glue, scissors, hammer and drywall screws.

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How Do You Mount Deer Antlers?
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Use borax and a wire brush on a bench grinder to clean the deer's skull, states Outdoor Life. Clean the tiny crevices of the skull and dried blood from the antlers using the wire brush. Next, drill three holes in the skull. On a standard skull mount, attach the skull to the plaque using three drywall screws. Start from the bottom when hammering the brass tacks in and proceed upward. Work side to side when securing the cover material on the skull mount. Use a glue gun to secure the braided rope around the antler burrs. Attach the hanging tab to the mounting plaque with screws or a flush holding bracket.

For a standard skull mount, velvet and leather are good alternatives to rubber for the skull's covering, notes Outdoor Life. The standard skull mount and the European mount are easy do-it-yourself styles of antler mounts. Secure the European mount with drywell screws from the plaque's back side. Make sure to boil the skull in Clorox bleach so it looks white and clean, and be careful not to spill bleach on the antlers.

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