Do Moths Eat Cotton?

Adult moths do not eat cotton; the larvae of moths will chew through cotton but not synthetic materials There are many ways that moth holes in cotton clothing can be prevented.

The easiest way for people to prevent moth holes from occurring is to stop the larvae from even entering the home. The only reason that moths create holes in clothing, blankets and upholstery is because they are trying to eat the dirt off the items. By getting rid of the dirt and debris that are on the items by regularly cleaning, vacuuming and washing clothes, residents will see a great reduction in the amount of moths in their home and moth holes in their clothing.

Cedar has been the longest-used method for moth control because of the oils that it secretes. The oils are harmful to young larvae and will kill them. The major drawback for homeowners using cedar is that it will not kill older larvae or adult moths.

For years, mothballs were used to help kill moths in the home, but they can be harmful to humans. They release chemical gasses that kill the moths but can also cause humans to become sick. An alternative to mothballs would be to place lavender in the drawers where moth holes are most commonly found. Moths do not like lavender and will stay away from it at all costs.