How Do Monkeys Survive in the Jungle?

monkeys-survive-jungle Credit: Paulo B. Chaves/Moment/Getty Images

While each species uses its own set of adaptations to survive, most monkeys rely on their dexterous hands, gregarious habits and intelligence to survive in the rainforest. Additionally, many monkeys are omnivores that can survive by eating many different foods.

By living with other members of their species, monkeys are ensured of finding breeding partners, find food more effectively and are better able to defend themselves from predators. Some species may form groups comprised of more than 100 individuals, according to the University of Michigan's Department of Zoology. When they notice a predator, many monkeys scream, bark or throw sticks at the perceived threat. Many monkey species engage in grooming rituals, which both cement social relationships and help keep the animals healthy.

Monkeys are incredible climbers, and they use this ability to find food and avoid predators. Many species, particularly the prehensile-tailed monkeys, are able to use their tails as a fifth appendage. Most monkeys are diurnal, which leaves them vulnerable to predators at night. Proboscis monkeys protect themselves from nocturnal predators by sleeping in small groups. Additionally, they often inhabit trees that grow over the water, which protects them from many terrestrial predators.

Monkeys communicate with other members of their group through vocalizations and body language. Some species make different sounds to identify different stimuli or emotions. For example, honks usually indicate that a monkey has spotted a predator, while shrieks indicate excitement.