What Is a Monkey's Niche?

A monkey's niche refers to how a particular monkey species works in a community or ecosystem, which is usually determined through the process of natural selection. There are numerous different species of monkeys, each with a unique niche. These niches vary based on the location of the monkey species, the environment in which they live and the food they eat.

Approximately 260 known species of monkeys exist, and these different species can have various niches. For example, black howler monkeys live in large family groups or communities, and the females provide the majority of care for newborns, helping to groom and feed them, but adult male howler monkeys can assist in young care as well. Mature male howler monkeys often leave the community or family group to join other groups. Both male and female howler monkeys get their name from their habit of howling in the mornings to mark territory.

White-faced saki monkeys eat primarily fruit but can also eat birds and small mammals, and they are shy and agile. They live mainly in trees, and their agility earned them the nickname "flying monkey." They live in smaller family groups (with parents and siblings) and communicate with smaller chirping sounds.