How Often Do Molly Fish Give Birth?

If tank conditions are ideal, molly fish living in pairs in a tank can give birth once a month. To stop them from breeding, separation is necessary, although female mollies may remain fertile for several months after pregnancy occurs and after being separated from male mollies.

Mollies are also known as black mollies, lyretails, liberties, sailfins, short fins, goldens, ghost pearls, red sunsets, balloons and Dalmations. Their scientific name is Poecilia sphenops, and they are kept in freshwater, brackish or saltwater tanks. They require a minimum amount of care, which makes them excellent fish for novice fishkeepers, although when kept in pairs, they can be more complex to care for because they are such ardent breeders.

Mollies originate in Central America and have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. They are a peaceful breed of fish, and they give live birth to their offspring. Breeding is easiest when a bit of aquarium salt is added to the breeding tank. Mollies require a minimum of 20-gallon tanks, and they prefer to be kept in tall aquariums.

Mollies enjoy a diet primarily comprised of flaked fish foods. However, the flaked food can be supplemented with freeze-dried foods if desired. Mollies are not compatible with many other fish, so it is important to keep them in a tank with their own species.