Do Moles Travel in Groups?


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Moles are solitary animals and only congregate to breed, according to Virginia Cooperative Extension. Moles are also territorial and can use the same tunnels for generations, adds Animal Diversity Web. Young offspring may travel with their mother, but only for a short time.

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Do Moles Travel in Groups?
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Young European moles stay with their mothers for the first six weeks of life before leaving the tunnel system to find new territory, Animal Diversity Web relates. The individual ranges of moles in the same area may overlap, but they rarely encounter one another outside of breeding season. When they do, they fight. Maine.gov adds that moles do not share their burrows and that females are somewhat more tolerant of overlapping ranges than males. Males avoid having any overlap with other males, while females may live within the range of both females and males, according to the Maine Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.

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