Where Do Mockingbirds Live?

mockingbirds-live Credit: Donald Hines/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Mockingbirds live in North America from Canada to Mexico, with concentrations in the southern parts of the United States, including Texas and Florida. Mockingbirds are proficient singers with 39 different songs and over 50 different calls, according to BioKIDS, a University of Michigan website.

Mockingbirds enjoy the ability to imitate sounds they hear in their environment, including sounds such as dogs barking or the calls of other birds. Mockingbirds prefer solitude and are aggressive with humans, dogs and cats when they invade the bird's territory. Mockingbirds perch on tall shrubs, telephone poles and utility lines. The oldest recorded age for a mockingbird is 14 years and 10 months.