What Are Missouri Deer Season Dates?


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Missouri deer season dates are the time of year during which it is legal to hunt deer within the state of Missouri. In 2015, these dates were set in April, May, October and December for hunting with firearms, and during the months of September, November and December for hunting with bow and arrow.

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Missouri has a punctuated deer season, with intervals set in the spring, winter and fall. Missouri also sets aside different dates for different methods of hunting. For example, the archery season for deer in 2015 ran from September 15 until November 13, then started up again from November 25 through to the end of the year. It continues until Jan. 15, 2016.

Archery season specifically excludes all methods using firearms. Longbows, certain other stringed weapons, and atlatls or spear throwers are allowed. Crossbows are only allowed during archery season with special exemption from the hunter's physician.

For hunting with firearms and with alternate methods, including longbows, crossbows and atlatls, the winter season in 2015 ran from December 19 until December 29. During the regular firearms season, shotguns are permissible, but during the firearm and alternate method portion of the season, they are banned from use. The only restricted firearms that are completely banned during all seasons are fully automatic weapons. Hunting deer with hounds, drugs or poisons is also banned, even during the alternate methods portion of the year.

Current and upcoming hunting season dates are listed on the Missouri Department of Conservation website. The site also lists regulations related to deer hunting.

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