What Are Some Miniature Toy Dog Breeds?

What Are Some Miniature Toy Dog Breeds?

Toy dog breeds include the chihuahua, the Brussels griffon, the Maltese, the papillon and the Yorkshire terrier. The Boston terrier, the miniature poodle, the miniature pinscher and the Japanese chin are also toy breeds.

The chihuahua is a very popular miniature toy breed originating in Mexico. Chihuahuas are available with long or short hair in a wide range of colors, including tan, black, white, cream and fawn. They have an alert temperament similar to that of a terrier.

The Brussels griffon is a small, sturdy dog with a feisty temperament. They were historically used to catch rats in horse stables. The Brussels griffon is available in black and tan, black, red, and a combination of black and red called belge.

The Yorkshire terrier is a member of the toy group, but is considered the smallest terrier. Yorkies have very long hair that requires frequent grooming. The standard coat color combinations are black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, and blue and gold. In this case, blue does not mean true blue, but a steely blue-gray color.

Papillons are friendly, alert little dogs. The word "papillon" means "butterfly" in French, and it refers to the way the dog's ears fan around the sides of its head like butterfly wings. Papillons are long-haired dogs available in black, lemon, tan and sable, always accompanied by white markings.