What Are Some Facts About Miniature Rat Terrier Dogs?

What Are Some Facts About Miniature Rat Terrier Dogs?

Miniature rat terriers, according to the American Kennel Club breed standard for the rat terrier, stand at least 10 and no more than 13 inches tall at the withers, the space between the shoulder blades. They have straight coats that are pied with fairly large color patches mixed with white.

The AKC accepts black, chocolate, fawn, tan and several other colors mixed with white for rat terriers' coats. Solid white is also acceptable.

The rat terrier is named for the rodents it was originally bred to hunt. They are intelligent, highly energetic dogs who are usually friendly to other dogs, but, if they are not raised around cats, may see them as objects for their hunting instinct. They also particularly enjoy digging.

The American Kennel Club did not recognize the rat terrier breed until 2013. The breed is the result of mixing a number of other breeds, including Manchester terriers, smooth fox terriers, and bulldogs. As of 2015, the AKC website ranks the rat terrier as the 107th most popular breed.

President Theodore Roosevelt features in rat terrier lore because he credited one of his dogs with eliminating rats from the White House; however, the dog was apparently not a rat terrier. Still, a variety of rat terrier, formerly called the Type B rat terrier, later became known as the Teddy Roosevelt terrier.