How Are Miniature Husky Puppies Different From Other Husky Puppies?


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The only physical difference between miniature husky puppies and normal husky puppies is the size. The American Kennel Club considers the miniature Siberian husky to be a smaller variant of the standard Siberian husky breed rather than its own breed.

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How Are Miniature Husky Puppies Different From Other Husky Puppies?
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Like other husky puppies, a miniature husky puppy is energetic and playful. As the puppy ages, it continues to require a lot of exercise and activity. It sheds its coat once a year and has the same probability of eye and hip problems that other huskies do.

This breed is friendly, intelligent and loves people, making it a good family pet. Its high intelligence makes it responsive to training, and its smaller size makes it easier to manage as an adult than other Huskies. It is very curious and is able to finding creative ways of escaping from its yard. It is more likely to have behavior problems if it becomes bored, so its owner should provide plenty of mental and physical exercise to work off its high energy level.

As of 2015, miniature Siberian huskies are bred in very limited quantities and are only available from a handful of breeders. Therefore, the puppies are in extremely high demand and are quite expensive. A buyer must place a deposit to get a spot on the wait list and then wait several more months before receiving his puppy.

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