What Is a Miniature Doxie?


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"Doxie" is slang for a dachshund; therefore, a miniature doxie is a miniature-sized version of the dachshund breed of dog. Miniature dachshunds are not a breed of their own. They are a show division for dachshunds more than 12 months old that weigh 11 pounds or less.

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What Is a Miniature Doxie?
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The standard-size class for dachshunds is usually between 16 and 22 pounds in weight. Both classes of dog are low slung, with droopy ears, short legs, pointy snouts and long, muscular torsos. They can have smooth or wiry textured coats. Wiry dachshunds have a rough coat consisting of short, coarse hairs while the coat of smooth dachshunds lies flat against the body and has a sheen. Some breed standards recognize a third coat type, which is long-haired. Miniature dachshunds can come in any color that standard dachshunds do. The only difference between the two kinds of dogs are their weight at adulthood.

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