What Are Miniature Cat Breeds?


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Miniature cats come in a variety of breeds, but they are usually distinguished as being half the size of a normal-sized cat. They are also called "teacup cats," but both teacup and miniature cats are not recognized as separate breeds. While there are small cats such as the Singapura, these are not miniature cats, which are specifically bred to have the same features as a normal-sized cat in its breed.

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What Are Miniature Cat Breeds?
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There are small cats, dwarf cats and miniature cats. These “pocket” or “toy” cats should be selectively bred. A good breeder needs to take special care of their health, and inbreeding must be avoided to prevent health issues.

A dwarf cat is usually caused by an endocrine system malfunction that causes a halt in regular metabolism and growth along with other genetic issues. While these types of cats are now popular, cats becoming popular because of a deformity have been a cause for controversy. No matter its breed, a dwarf cat has short, stumpy legs, while a miniature cat is merely a smaller version of the other cats in its breed.

Miniature cats are very susceptible to injury, especially as kittens. Most breeders do not allow miniature kittens to be sold until they reach at least five months old.

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