What Do Mini Teacup Pigs Require to Grow up Healthy and Strong?


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A mini teacup pig requires sufficient amounts of water, a commercial pig diet and a place to root in order to grow up healthy and strong, states Pawnation. It can also be housebroken and crate-trained to live comfortably in a home.

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What Do Mini Teacup Pigs Require to Grow up Healthy and Strong?
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A mini teacup pig needs a consistent source of water and plenty of moisture, says Pawnation. Not only does it need water to combat heat, but it also needs to drink plenty of water to prevent urinary tract infections, to which it can be prone. An owner should keep a plastic swimming pool filled with water outside during the summer so that the teacup pig can bathe and play in it. A pig can be housebroken like a dog as long as it can have access to an outside run or fenced-in backyard where it can defecate and urinate.

Another important aspect of mini teacup pig health is diet, explains Pawnation. The pig needs commercial miniature pig food. An owner should avoid feeding it table scraps, although fruits and vegetables are okay in moderation. Because a pig naturally roots, the owner should prepare a place outside where he can safely do this. The pig needs to be spayed or neutered before it reaches puberty at 4 months. A pig without one of these operations tends to become aggressive, and an unneutered male pig will grow tusks.

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