What Do Mini Lab Puppies Look Like?


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Mini lab puppies look like miniature versions of regular Labrador retriever puppies. They have a stocky, barrel-shaped body, floppy ears, a stubby tail and short, squat legs. Mini lab puppies have coats that are short, with no curls or feathering. The three recognized colors for miniature Labradors are black, yellow and chocolate.

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No official size has been determined for a mini lab because they are not recognized as a distinct breed. A traditional Labrador retriever grows to about 20 inches tall. A mini lab will be several inches shorter. Mini labs are either dwarf Labrador retrievers, Labrador retrievers with pituitary gland problems, or Labrador retriever runts that are selectively bred for small size. Mini labs are prone to many genetic defects because of inbreeding, with eye problems being the most common.

Mini labs do have the same qualities as their larger counterparts. They are gentle, friendly and intelligent, dependable and easy to train. Mini labs make great pets because of their constant desire to please. All labs, mini and regular, are extremely active. Larger Labrador retrievers require a lot of space to expend energy. Since mini labs are smaller, they do not need as much room. They are also easier to handle than traditional Labradors.

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