What Is a Mini Chocolate Lab?

A miniature chocolate Labrador retriever may be a mixed-breed dog bred to resemble a chocolate Labrador retriever in appearance, but at a smaller size. Some miniature chocolate Labrador retrievers may be genetic dwarfs. Some dogs called miniature chocolate Labrador retrievers may just be small Labrador retrievers.

A breeder in central Montana reports mixing beagles and pugs with Labrador retrievers to produce the dogs sold as miniature chocolate Labrador retrievers. Some miniature Labrador retrievers may be dwarfs. A genetic mutation in the breed is known to result in a smaller size and also causes eye abnormalities that can lead to blindness.

Stationone Reg'd Kennels reports having miniature Labrador retrievers spontaneously appear in its breeding lines around 2008. These dogs are from registered health-certified parents and look like standard Labrador retrievers. The miniature dogs mature at 30 to 50 pounds. Miniature dogs from this kennel have been black, yellow and chocolate in color.