What Do Mini Beagles Eat?


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Mini beagles, more commonly referred to as pocket beagles, should eat approximately 7/8 to 1 3/8 cups of dog food every day. This food allotment should be divided into two meals, given to the dog at specific times each day.

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Beagles are notorious food thieves and often break into the garbage and pantry if given the opportunity. To ensure that a beagle doesn't sneak food, make sure that all people food is locked away, and feed the dog at regular intervals daily. Using high quality dog food provides better nourishment for a pocket beagle, so purchase nutrient-rich dog food if possible.

Pocket beagles should have a visible waist and ribs that are evident to the touch. If a pocket beagle has visible rolls of fat, it is time for the dog to be put on a diet. Depending on their height, pocket beagles should weigh between 7 and 15 pounds. Measure food carefully to make sure the beagle is getting the right amount, and cut back on the food if they appear overweight.

Pocket beagles can be given treats, but try to avoid falling into a pattern of giving food rewards to lull dogs into a state of momentary obedience. Also, give pocket beagles tiny treats instead of large biscuits.

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