What Are Some Migratory Birds?


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Some migratory birds are the hummingbirds, ospreys and swamp sparrows. These birds migrate from different starting points in the globe and, like most birds, travel great distances to breed and take advantage of the burgeoning insect population in another region. They start to return migrate when the lowering temperature affects the food population and intervenes with mating practices.

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Each species of hummingbird has its own migration path and date. Most Ruby-throat hummingbirds, for example, move from the Eastern United States and Canada to Mexico or Central America as early as the beginning of the year. Rufous hummingbirds travel the farthest distance by flying from the Western United States and Canada all the way to Alaska. While most birds travel in flocks, hummingbirds migrate alone.

European ospreys winter in Africa, while Canadian and American breeders travel to South America, often staying in the southernmost parts, such as Florida and California. Male ospreys often arrive in the breeding ground first to establish their breeding territory and hunt for food while waiting for their female mates to arrive. Both the winter and return migrations take time because ospreys move slowly, often stopping at favorite feeding sites. Like hummingbirds, each osprey travels alone and follows its own path.

Abundant in North America, swamp sparrows migrate to Canada and in northern parts of Central and Eastern America to breed and usually winter in wetland habitats, such as freshwater lakes, shorelines, marshes and swamps in Mexico and southern parts of America. In winter, swamp sparrows often migrate in flocks with other white-throat sparrows.

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