Where Do Mice Live?

mice-live Credit: Wilfbuck/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Mice live in almost every country on Earth, and they typically make their homes in a variety of man-made structures, including farms, mines, houses, warehouses and offices. Wild mice live in a broad variety of outdoor areas, including arable land, pastures, coastal dunes and plains, marshes and forests. The changing of the season can effect habitat, causing outdoor mice attempt to move into indoor areas with more warmth and shelter.

Mice that live indoors can live in a variety of places, even within a human dwelling. Mice burrow into walls, insulation, attics, crawlspaces and even upholstered furniture. Mice are small and can fit into incredibly small places, and can dig into materials, such as wood, plaster and damaged brick, and they can crawl through pipes, mesh and cables. They also can also make their homes in machinery and vehicles. Mice also live around human dwellings, particularly in fields, forests and agricultural lands where food is abundant.

Mice are originally native to Asia, but stowing away on the ships of European settlers led to their introduction into a number of new habitats. In New Zealand, Australia and the South Atlantic, mice are seen as invasive species, and they have reached proportions that cause damage to the communities and crops in the areas where they live.