What Do Mice Eat?


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According to LiveScience, mice are herbivores, and they mainly eat grains and fruits. Mice that have adapted to urban areas eat almost any type of food scraps. About.com recommends feeding pet mice a complete diet that includes grain- and seed-based mixes. While in captivity, mice are often fed vegetables, cooked pasta, whole-grain bread or crackers.

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In the case of a mice infestation, About.com recommends baiting traps with peanut butter, bacon, nuts, dried food or sticky candies. It is common to find food scraps or wrappings left behind when there is a mice problem. Mouse droppings, hairs and nesting materials are also signs of an infestation.

Because mice like to eat 15 to 20 times per day, they usually build their homes near a source of food. The amount of food they consume in one day is equivalent to roughly 0.53 ounces to 3.5 ounces of their body weight. Mice can be found in nearly every country, and they can live on most terrains.

Mice are commonly targeted by predators, including dogs, cats, birds and foxes. They are often used as pet food for snakes, lizards, tarantulas or birds in domestic environments. Although hairless mice are easier for pets to consume, many pet owners prefer mice with fur.

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