What are some Mexican dog names?


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Dozens of dog names with Mexican or Hispanic origins are available online at LoveToKnow.com, iDogNames.com, puppy-names-plus.com, dog-names-and-more.com and Dreambarks.com. A few of the names listed are Benito, Carina, Luna and Paz. The websites also offer name meanings and helpful suggestions for picking the perfect name.

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The LoveToKnow website offers the widest selection of names with Mexican origins. One list on the site includes both traditional Hispanic birth names, such as Carlos and Paco, and Spanish words, such as Cruz (cross), Rojo (red) and Amiga (friend). The second list on the site features beautiful Mexican city and state names, such as Hidalgo, Merida and Sonora.

Additional lists of Mexican names are provided by iDogNames.com, puppy-names-plus.com, dog-names-and-more.com and Dreambarks.com. iDogNames.com offers meanings for the entire list of names on the site, which can be sorted to show male, female and unisex names. For example, the names Carlos and Paco mean "free man" and "from France." These lists also include multiple cute Mexican food and drink names, such as Burrito, Jalapeno, and Tequila.

Puppy-names-plus.com refers to the name as the foundation of the relationship between dog and owner, so it is important to consider the options when selecting a name for a dog or puppy. iDogNames.com suggests choosing a name that fits the dog's the personality or appearance, while LoveToKnow recommends that new dog owners choose a few names that roll off the tongue smoothly and then practice calling the dog by each name to see which one feels the most natural.

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